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SAP FI Financial Accounting Reports Basics (User)

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Product Description

This is an introductory SAP FI Financials report course designed for SAP FI users.

The course offers a broad introduction to reports in SAP FI Financials and covers the most used FI reports. The course covers accounts payable reports, accounts receivable reports, general ledger reports and new G/L reports.

It’s easy to register and you can start learning SAP straight away. Your SAP classroom is always open and you can retake SAP lessons unlimited.

SAP eLearning is true SAP Learning-by-Doing. You work in real SAP screens and you will experience SAP hands-on.


Accounts Payable:  
FI07-01 Vendor line items report (FBL1N)
FI07-02 Vendor balance report (FK10N)
FI07-03 Vendor balance report (S_ALR_87012082)
FI07-04 Vendor business report (S_ALR_87012093)
FI07-05 Vendor open items due date forecast (S_ALR_87012084)
FI07-06 Due Date Analysis for Open Items (S_ALR_87012078)
FI07-07 Vendor List (S_ALR_87012086)
Accounts Receivable:  
FI07-08 Customer line items report (FBL5N)
FI07-09 Customer line items report (S_ALR_87012197)
FI07-10 Customer balance report (FD10N)
FI07-11 Customer balance report (S_ALR_87012172)
FI07-12 Customer open items overdue report (S_ALR_87012178)
FI07-13 Customer open items date forecast (S_ALR_87012175)
FI07-14 Customer account analysis report (FD11)
FI07-15 Customer sales report (S_ALR_87012186)
FI07-16 Transaction Figures: Account Balance (S_ALR_87012169)
FI07-17 Due Date Analysis for Open Items (S_ALR_87012168)
FI07-18 Customer List (S_ALR_87012179)
General Ledger:  
FI07-19 Account line items report (S_ALR_87012282)
FI07-20 Balance sheet & P/L statement report (S_ALR_87012284)
FI07-21 Cash Flow Statement report (S_ALR_87012271)
FI07-22 Chart of Accounts report (S_ALR_87012326)
FI07-23 Financial Statement: Plan/Actual Comparison (S_ALR_86000029)
FI07-24 Document Journal (S_ALR_87012287)
FI07-25 Line Item Journal (S_ALR_87012291)
New G/L Reports:  
FI07-26 Account line items report New (FBL3N – FAGLL03)
FI07-27 Account balances report New (FS10N – FAGLB03)
FI07-28 G/L Account Balances New (S_ALR_87012277)

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